Why celebrate Black History Month?

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The celebration of Black History Month has become a very controversial topic so far this year, and the month has just started. The month has started out with some individuals  stating their opinions about why we should continue to celebrate this historical month, and there are some people who stated that this month should not exist. Everyone has the right to express his or her own opinion; however, I also think that everyone has the right to want to know more about their culture. I think that this concept explains the importance of this month and why it is celebrated. I think that in order to know your true self, you must know your history.

If I did not read as many books about different cultures and my own heritage I do not think that I would be the woman that I am today. Every historical person that I have read about or learned about in school during Black History Month has impacted my life. I would like to thank each and everyone last one of them. I thank them by learning about their lifestyle and their contributions to tp the world. I think that this month was created so that every one can show their gratitude. Without their contributions many African Americans, or minorities would have different lives today. Last week, when my students and I were learning about Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. one of my students stated that if Dr. King had not existed I would not be their teacher. The opportunity to teach all of my students is one of my greatest blessings.

Regina Edmondson, Assistant Director of the Office of Student Life at Community College of Aurora, wrote an article last year that addresses why it is importance to observe Black History Month. She addressed who created this month, it’s importance, and why it is essential to reflect on the past and inform the youth. I really enjoyed reading this article and it inspired me not only to know and celebrate Black History Month, but to create history. I want to make a contribution to society like the historical figures that we learn more about during Black History Month, so that I am able touch many lives and contribute to the Black History Legacy. I hope that this article has motivated you to learn more about your history, and inspired you to learn more about this celebration. Thanks for reading, and remember to learn about your history and create history.

Regina’s Edmondson’s Article