What is your legacy?

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I once read a quote that states that one should live with a purpose, and not for a purpose. At first, I did not understand its meaning because I thought of the difficultly of already obtaining a purpose, rather than searching for it. As, I thought more into this concepts, I realized how important it is to know your duty beforehand, instead of hoping that life will somehow give you the answer. It can take years trying to establish yourself in order to discover the special gift, that will create your legacy. However, time, seems like our worst enemy, and because of it, we become nervous thinking that our time may be up. We then begin to rush, not knowing if we have fulfilled our destined legacy…

I think that it is important to know your legacy beforehand. It should come naturally by questioning which task/s would sum up your purpose in life. For instance, I have many tasks and gifts; however, they all share the same mission.I have had theses gifts ever since I was a little girl. Some may question, how would a young individual already know of his/her purpose in life? Well, then ask yourself why do we ask small children of their dreams and who they want to be, when they are very young? I think it helps to create their legacy.

I wrote this entry after reading some articles about people who had died this past week. When the reporter described the individuals, he/she did not give the deceased an extraordinary title, and only addressed a small portion of their lives. Instead the reporter wrote, a man from St. Louis died, a mother died, or a police officer died.  I am aware that the reporter/s do not know much about the deceased, and that the family and friends will talk more about the deceased lives and special titles during the funeral. However, I pondered on why one’s legacy, or one’s are greatest milestones are only shared at this particular moment when his/her life is over. Should we want to share these moments everyday? Should we want to impact the world, so that everyone knows of these milestones and legacies? When we died should we want the world to know of more than just a man from St. Louis who died, or a mother who died, or a police officer who died? Should our titles depicts our legacy? Should we already know of our legacy before it’s too late….

What legacy will you create? What is your legacy