We can’t change the world!

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The famous rapper Biggie Smalls once stated that “we can’t change the world unless we change ourselves.” This quote hold so much power in today’s society. When writing this entry I thought about what made Biggie Smalls come up with this quote, but then the answer quickly hits me when I view and witness the cries for change in today’s society.

Everyone is searching for some sort of change in their lives. The key question is what kind of change do we really need? Think about that statement. If you could change anything in your life what would it be. I’m sure that many of you are thinking about changing the negative factors in your life, or even thought about changing your financial status. However, I would like for you to think of a change that can promote positivity in individuals’ hearts. Money can not buy it. It is one of the strongest and cheapest task that does not require much effort.

I am no expert, but I am changing every day because of this concept. For the first time I am not seeking for this change, instead it naturally happens to me. I see the world so differently, which has motivated me to promote this positive change and share it with the world. A positive change that starts with one person and then becomes a unity.

When I was a little girl I yearned for a change in my heart because it was not like everyone’s else. It looked different and sounded different from others.  I also yearned for a change in my family because I had an absent father. I yearned for a change in my community because my community was invested with crime. Though some of these factors have not changed, I no longer yearn.

Yes, I am still a fatherless adult, and my heart works better than before, yet it is still different, and I am still surrounded by violence. There are things that don’t have a rapid change, but changing yourself and your mind concept in a positive manner is the first step to developing a positive change in this world.

Are you ready to change? Are we ready to change?