Walk like you’ve paved your own destination

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Today I went to my friend’s church and her pastor stated a quote that I continue to ponder on. He stated that each individual should “run their own race”. He was implying that everyone should focus on their goals without worrying about the obstacles or failures that maybe near. Similar to when one is running a race, and the goal is that the runners should not look around at the other opponents, instead they should look forward, and continue running until they reach the finish line. The moral to the pastor’s message was that individuals should stay focused and put forth all their effort without worrying too much about what others may think.

I think that this statement is similar to what I was going through last year. I worried too much about other’s perspectives about my life, which is where I got lost and stayed behind. This year, I will not worry about other’s input. I will walk like my destination is already planned out for me. I have been running my entire life, trying to get head or do better than others. Now, I will walk, while taking my time so that I can enjoy every moment. I will not worry about any obstacles because I know I will over come them. Also, I will not have to worry about others or opponents because I will compete against myself. I will push myself, motivate myself, and have energy to help others to do the same. I will walk that walk?

How will you get to the finish line or your destination?