Traveling to Live

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Every time I travel to a different place in the world, whether it is a domestic or an international travel it affects me in multiple ways. I went from a very shy, quiet, and fearful young lady, to a very adventurous young woman. When I come back to my hometown I try to better myself, help others, and encourage everyone to travel. I even see myself changing and growing into a different person when I come back from my travels. I wish I could travel more often so that I can continue to grow and become more open-minded…I always laughed at myself because I think it is quite odd that I had to leave my surroundings to realize how smart, inspirational, and open-minded I am. I have always known that about myself, but something happens when you find yourself in a different location, and no one knows who you are, and you smell the air, the sky looks different, the water feels and taste different, and your appearance captures everyone’s attention. For some it can be a bit shocking, but to me, it feels like I am finally living.

It feels really good to take time out of your life and just sit and enjoy what life has to offer. Traveling to me is living because I choose my own destination, but I am never aware of the adventures and life lessons stored ahead. All one can do is hold his/her carry-on luggage in one hand, and personal items in the other hand, and wait until it is time to fly.