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 Hello. My name is Andrea Scott and I am a native of Saint Louis, Missouri. I am a fourth and fifth grade Spanish teacher at an Immersion School in the city of Saint Louis, and I am an Adjunct Professor at a Community College in Saint Louis. I am the youngest of four children and I enjoy being with my family, traveling the world, and impacting individuals. I believe that everyone is destined for greatness. I am not a mentor, or a leader, but I do impact lives. I plan to impact lives with positivism and greatness.You can purchase my book, Smile Big, Dream Bigger and my bookmark on this page. My children’s book is about promoting positivism and impacting lives. This book illustrates that dreams do come true. This book is written in English and Spanish. I hope you enjoy reading my book. Please share your thoughts about my book on Facebook @ SmileBigDreamBigger. Thank you.

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