Smile Big Dream Bigger

My name is Andrea Scott (Ms. Impactor) and I am a children’s author in St. Louis, Missouri. A year ago, I struggled with being a great educator for my students. I was highly qualified for the job position, my students were excelling in their academics, and they were doing better than others in their age group. However, I felt that something was missing, and it was my job to find this missing piece. During this time, my hometown of Saint Louis, Missouri began to fail, and hatred, injustice, and despair filled the community. I noticed that my students started to lose interest in their school work, and in their future because of what they were witnessing in our community. Their reactions really hurt my heart, and I knew something had to be done.

All my students started to ask me if they would have a bright future. I then began to tell the students about my childhood experiences and how I had overcome many difficult obstacles, yet I achieved my dreams. I had to remind my students that regardless of their background and financial status, everyone can fulfill their dreams. My students were motivated by story and they felt inspired to chase their dreams. I then created my first bilingual children’s book, Smile Big Dream Bigger, which motivates young individuals to always have a positive attitude, travel the world, learn new languages, and to never stop believing in their dreams. My goal is to spread this message to young individuals in different schools, workshops, and conferences throughout the United States and across the world. I think that every individual need to hear this message of inspiration as a constant reminder to always believe in your dreams.

Smile Big Dream Bigger, was published in November 2016 and has touched so many young lives in a positive way. This books has persuaded my students to read more, their reading scores have improved, and they are interested in traveling and improving their Spanish skills. Also, this book is now part of the Missouri History Museum. Due to some of the success that I have earned from my book sales; I donated some funds to my student’s annual immersion trip to Puerto Rico. My students went to Puerto Rico in May 2017. I strongly believe that this book will inspire many individuals and I know that if granted support for this organization it will inspire more children.