“Show Me” Greatness Saint Louis

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Dear Saint Louis, Missouri

I know that the title of this blog entry may have you puzzled, and you probably questioned who am I to ask for such a proposal, well let me introduce myself. I am a native from North city, Saint Louis, and my family is from here too. I am not a huge Cardinals or Blues fan, but I love my city. I teach at a charter immersion school and I have graduated with multiple degrees from this city. Although I travel across the world and visit many places, I always return home, back to Saint Louis.

When traveling I am always questioned where I am from, and with pride I tell everyone that I am from St. Louis. Some of the individuals make rude comments about the city, and some do not know the great things about  this city.

Saint Louis city resides in Missouri, a state that is known as the “Show Me State.” I challenge this city to show its residents and the world that Saint Louis is not a city filled with violence, lost loved ones, and hopeless dreamers.

I want this city to show its greatness. Let’s delete fear from this city and bring back happiness.

Let’s eliminate the fear from parent’s heart who worry daily of losing their children due to violence in the city.

Let’s eliminate the fear of young women afraid to prosper in this world.

Let’s eliminate the fear of violence taking over our city.

I want you to show all of the history that has been created in this city.

I want you to bring life back into our communities and schools.

I do not want individuals to question why Saint Louis is part of the “Show Me State”…

I want individuals to already know because Saint Louis will show it’s greatness.