Set your OWN alarm clock!

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Is it me or does it seem like the minutes, hours, days, and even the years are going by faster? How many of you can admit to showing up to meetings, dates, or even to church late this week? I have a problem with arriving to places late and I can no long use CP Time (colored people time) or Tico Time as an excuse. Do not take me wrong there are several events that I must arrive to late because I love to make a statement, and there are some events that I have decided to arrive late to if it does not benefit or motivate my drive. Sleep is my best friend and I love to do a lot of sleeping; however, I do love to attend events and do task that will energize, comfort and allow me to rest my body. Therefore I must take on some changes…

This week I learned to set my alarm clock…wait, I am not talking about the alarm clock on my cell phone, or the standard alarm clock that comes with a set up 12 numbers that rotates throughout the day…No,I am talking about my own alarm clock…my passion. Every Monday I listen to Eric Thomas (ETthehiphoppreacher) motivational speaker to get my day and week started. He recently made a video that stated that he does not need an alarm clock because his passion wakes him up. I think that the words in this statements are  strong and uplifting , and they stuck with me for quite some time. So I decided to create my own alarm clock by installing my passion in every second, hour, day, week..ex… When I wake up in the morning my goal will be to use my passion in everything that I do. If I come across any tedious meetings or anything that does not contribute to my passion, I will have to reset my alarm clock and try to make changes to whatever interferes with my passion.

I hope that this blog has inspired you to set your own alarm clock with your passions. I am not telling you not to sleep; however, no one should “sleep” on their dreams and goals.