I have been teaching since I was 21 years old, and every year I feel like I can do more. I know that teachers like me work hard every single day during our work hours and sometimes off the clock. We may get more vacation time than others; however, some of us still find ourselves working during our vacations. Some people ask why teachers work so hard, get paid less, yet they still continue to work in this particular workplace? The answer is very simple…it’s our passion. Some teachers are passionate about the subjects that they teach, some teachers our passionate about helping and teaching individuals, but there are only a few that are passionate about the legacy that every task that he/she takes will support the next generation of students.

Lately it seems like teachers, including me, are forgetting why we decided to teach due to the challenges in the education systems and other political input that has become part of our schools and classrooms.  Similar to our students, changes are different and may seem scary, so we argue and debate over the changes. Whereas some of us accept the changes and continue to do our work. I am not stating that teachers should not fight over what they believe is right or wrong; however, I am stating that we should put back or add more passion into education. Some may questioned who am I, such a young teach, to state that passion is or is not in the education simple? Well, within the last five years I have taught every single grade level, now including college level education, and I feel that something is missing. I have been working very hard these last few years, trying to find the missing piece, and I think that I have it, which has been the reason for all of my success within all of the grade levels I have taught.  My system of thinking how I can support my students, while accepting new changes, yet finding ways to incorporate the changes into my teaching style has created me to be such a phenomenal teacher. Most importantly, I think about the impact of my students and how it takes more than one individual to teach; it takes a village. This village includes all teachers, staff, parents, ex… and our willingness to use our passion. If we all began to work together and use all of our talented skills, our students will succeed.

I hope this blog entry has inspired you to not think about overworking, our blaming one person or the other for our student’s achievement, but that it allows you to think about the passion you put into your job.

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Is it me or does it seem like the minutes, hours, days, and even the years are going by faster? How many of you can admit to showing up to meetings, dates, or even to church late this week? I have a problem with arriving to places late and I can no long use CP Time (colored people time) or Tico Time as an excuse. Do not take me wrong there are several events that I must arrive to late because I love to make a statement, and there are some events that I have decided to arrive late to if it does not benefit or motivate my drive. Sleep is my best friend and I love to do a lot of sleeping; however, I do love to attend events and do task that will energize, comfort and allow me to rest my body. Therefore I must take on some changes…

This week I learned to set my alarm clock…wait, I am not talking about the alarm clock on my cell phone, or the standard alarm clock that comes with a set up 12 numbers that rotates throughout the day…No,I am talking about my own alarm clock…my passion. Every Monday I listen to Eric Thomas (ETthehiphoppreacher) motivational speaker to get my day and week started. He recently made a video that stated that he does not need an alarm clock because his passion wakes him up. I think that the words in this statements are  strong and uplifting , and they stuck with me for quite some time. So I decided to create my own alarm clock by installing my passion in every second, hour, day, week..ex… When I wake up in the morning my goal will be to use my passion in everything that I do. If I come across any tedious meetings or anything that does not contribute to my passion, I will have to reset my alarm clock and try to make changes to whatever interferes with my passion.

I hope that this blog has inspired you to set your own alarm clock with your passions. I am not telling you not to sleep; however, no one should “sleep” on their dreams and goals.

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I can’t do it alone


When I first decided to create this blog one of the main goals was to promote positivism and enlighten my readers. Every Sunday, after church I would reflect on the previous week and think of my accomplishments and or failures and write about them. I want my readers to understand that I am like every other human being on this Earth. I have faced many hardships and struggles, and I am not afraid to tell my story. I have noticed that there are only a few individuals who are willing to share their “true” story and knowledge to motivate others. I find this act of not willing to share very strange because unity seems to be the most talked about subject, yet many do not want to be unified.

I was recently asked why am I so kind and always willing to share my talents. I thought about this questions for quite some time, and my response was that it is the right thing to do. However, lately I feel as if I am sharing and working too hard. For the first time in my life, I felt like giving up.  Yes, give up, something I promised I would never do or even think of. As times go on and new adventures appear, I realize that I can not do it all by myself. I am my coach, competitor, counselor, and biggest critique, and I also like to share everything that I learn. Sometimes I wish I had someone to bring me up (besides myself) when I am feeling down. I was once told that in the future, I will appreciate everything that I am doing now and it will make me stronger.

But now that I think more about it, I notice that it becomes very difficult to do so many things alone. My unique personality enjoys the act of sharing and wanting to do aid others, and I do wish that that my act can inspire others to do the same. No one should have to live life thinking that they have to do it all. If all are willing to share their talents and stories I know that it will benefit many individuals. I know that I cannot do it all by myself.

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