No tears around here!

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These past couple of months have been difficult for many individuals. Some have lost jobs, homes, or even loved ones, and everything that is displayed on the news or any type of social media demonstrates so much despair and depression. Sometimes I find myself hiding from social media, or the news, or some people because I do not want to be around sadness. I want to be informed but I do want to be sad all the time. Therefore for every sad news that I receive I try to find or create good news. I know that this concept might seem difficult in some cases, but it works. The amount of time we spend crying and becoming upset over issues that we do not have control over we should use that time to comfort ourselves and build up strength to do something to make us feel better. Everyday I watch violence and stupidity displayed and I question what can I do to promote happiness. I have made myself aware that I cannot change the world, but I can change myself. Therefore I have eliminated tears of sadness in my life with happiness and strength to move on. Some might say that one needs to cry and release the pain,however, one does not state how this should be done. I am not stating that one should hold everything in; however, one should be able to transform the pain in a healthy way.

I hope that this blog has inspired you to transform you pain and sadness to create better days.