My Grind is Greedy!

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Various_and_Gould,_Everlasting_multitasking,_2013In today’s society it seem like everyone is challenging themselves to take on a variety a tasks. Also, these same individuals have a variety of  titles for themselves that correlates which their roles. Think about it, name one person who you know that only has one particular job or title. Its pretty hard to do. For example, my mother, she has a variety of jobs. She went from struggling as a single mother without a job, to then getting one job, to then having three different jobs and providing aid to others. In my community we call this form of act “grinding”. Grinding means accomplishing one’s goal without giving up, regardless of what life’s obstacles may bring to you. Think of the word as a “coffee grinder”. A machine that follows a particular rotation, and only stops in order to gain more material or when it is turned off.

As a child I had always admired my mother, and was curious of how she was able to make great accomplishments in her life and provide for us, even though we faced so many hardships. I had made a promise to myself that I would grind like my mother. Growing up trying to grind was one of the most challenging task ever because I had to choice between being a child verses preparing myself for good future. I wanted to play and enjoy life, but I put my studies first.I then decided that I could do both, as long as each activity helped me to reach my goal. I wrote down a list of all of the things that I wanted in life, and what I would do to obtain them. This plan helped me in the past and it still helps me today. There are so many things I want to have, but I focus on one big goal, and make smaller ones that will help me to achieve the main one.Growing up the word “greedy” was distasteful, and my mother would always told me to want less and do more because in the end you will receive everything you ever wanted…

My grind is greedy because I believe that there is no limit to success, and that success come in a variety of ways. Also, everyone is capable of being successful and everyone can grind. We grind every single day.