Meet the Author

                                                               My mission statement

To put effort in all task by using my intellectual abilities and spiritual guidance. My results should not only impact me in positive ways, but it should also influence me to want to do more and inspire others.

 I once read the book,  “The Champion in You, by Adonis” by “Sporty” Jeralds and it motivated me to continue to reach for my dreams. Each section of the book has different quotes and life stories that allows the reader to continue reading and making goals for his/herself. I was really intrigued by the personal mission statement section. I thought that mission statements were only for large corporations, businesses, and schools, but the more I read into it, the more I thought that it was a great idea for individuals to develop their own mission statements. A personal mission statement is different from a goal because it allows you to focus on who you are, and not necessary on what you want to achieve. In the book, Jeralds points out the guideline on how to make your own mission statement.

  1. There is no right or wrong personal mission statement
  2. Your mission statement should be short and to the point
  3. Your job is not your mission statement
  4. Your mission statement should change over time
  5. Write your mission statement down and commit it to memory.