Let’s make B.A.N.S.

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Hello everyone,
I have decided to take Donald Trump’s advice and create a ban. Wait a second, I am not talking about something that is legally prohibited, or stopping individuals from entering into a different country. I am talking about prohibiting myself of thinking of negative thoughts, and not believing in myself. Nowadays, it seems like everyone it stopping others from achieving greatness.It has become so contagious that we become to give up on ourselves. Some of us have allowed the troublesome in the world to have a huge negative impact on our lives. Therefore it is time to create a better and greater you and me.
So let’s begin creating bans.
B- Branding. Let’s start with branding. List all of your talents, choose one or two that you see yourself doing almost everyday. Once you have made your decision, start branding. Let the world know of your talent.
A-Aspire. Now with your talent decide how it will allow you to reach your dream. It is important that you already wrote down your dreams and goals.
N- Networking. It is time to network and link up with individuals who share the same interest. Although there are so many of us who think that we can pursue our goals alone, I would not agree with this thought. It is very difficult and stressful trying to do everything on your own. Trust me, I have tried to do and I failed. I am not stating that it is impossible, yet it time consuming and we not allow you to soar at the speed and rate that you desire.
S- Succeed. Now it time to attempt to succeed in everything that you do. Note that you will face multiple challenges that will make you want to give up, but remember to never give up and succeed.
Are you ready to make bans?