Ladies, what does your crown mean?

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Last year, I read Queen’s Latifah’s book, Put on You Crown. This book really helped me to define myself and develop more self confidence. As a young woman, I feel that we sometimes forget to love and praise ourselves. We are thrown in different directions by society that tells us how we should look, feel, and behave. This concept starts a a very young age, and if we do not truly find ourselves we become trapped. We began to live our lives by what society suggest is the right way. I have always been a very independent woman, but like all women, societal ways has a way of creeping into one’s life. When I feel that society or social has a negative impact my life, I start to re-read Latifah’s book. This book is a daily reminder to free myself from those obstacles, to always put myself first, and to “put on my crown”.

I think a lot of women would like to wear their own personal crown. However, until I read Latifah’s book, I did not know exactly why I wanted to be a queen or even wear a crown. I think it all goes back to our childhood and the Disney movies that had the queens and princess, or even from one’s parent calling their little girl princess or queens. Women are familiar with the term, but do we really know what the role of a queen is, or what the crown symbolize? In every picture of a queen or princess we always see these women sitting on a throne , wearing her, and looking gorgeous. Some may know the stories of these queens, and some do not. Some focus more on the queen’s beauty, similar to what society wants us to believe is the most important.

I think that in today’s generation everyone wants to be a queen because we all have our own unique story. I think the crown symbolizes a queen’s story. My crown symbolizes freedom, independence, open-mindedness, and self-love. These are factors that are very important in my life, and factors I should always remind myself that I have. When I put on my crown, it displays these qualities.

What does your crown symbolize?