It’s not math…it’s Motivation

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Last Tuesday, May 3, 2016 I received my Master’s Degree in Teaching from Missouri Baptist University, and I am still excited about this accomplishment. I had taken on six jobs, stayed healthy, looked good, and wore a smile every day knowing that I would get this diploma. I took on six jobs because I did not want to take out any more student loans, and I wanted to leave my graduation ceremony without worrying. I wanted to be able to tell myself that nothing stood in my way to the path of success. When I was an undergraduate I had taken out a few loans and I remember feeling stressed at my graduation ceremony thinking about  the amount of money I would have to soon repay; therefore I told myself that I would pay for my Master’s Degree and put in 100% in all of my task. In all of my assignments and grades I put in 100%, and  passed all of my classes. I even put in 100% in all of my other jobs as a Spanish teacher, tutor, Claims Coordinator, Brand Ambassador, freelance writer, and caterer.

When I tell people that I had six jobs, made almost 100% in almost every class, and I paid for my college tuition, the only thing most of people ponder on are the numbers. They say “Wow, six jobs!”  “$60K for tuition” “How many hours of sleep do you get?”. I do not want people to worry about the numbers, or try to sum up all of the variables. I want individuals to focus on the outcome, my outcome. My plan was not to take on six jobs or to even pay for my college tuition; however, when I focused more on the outcome of what I wanted to achieve, those factors came along.

Some may say that my idea was ludicrous and that I should not have put myself under some much stress. However, I went in knowing that I did not want to be stressed out, therefore I did activities and took on jobs that made me happy. I also stayed healthy and always stayed focused on my outcome. I think that if individuals were more attentive to the outcome of any scenario it would inspire them to accomplish their goals. I use this concept in all of my task, especially when making my lesson plans for work.

The week before I had graduate my pastor stated that “God’s mission give us task beyond our boundaries”. I followed God’s mission, and I went beyond my boundary because I was focused on the outcome and not the overall journey.

I hope that this post entry has motivated you to think more about what you want in life, and not about what needs to be added, or subtracted from your life in order to get want you truly need.