partial dentures arcadia

So, you have a few teeth you need to get pulled. While you’re most likely not looking forward to the extraction process, you could be excited about getting rid of whatever problem has been ailing the teeth in question. Your dentist has probably already talked to you about your options post-extraction, which could include dental implants or a partial denture.

Implants are nice, but expensive. If you think you’ve settled on getting a partial denture when your extraction is complete, then you might be looking to learn how partial dentures work before you call up your partial dentures arcadia professionals to get fitted for your own denture.

What is a Partial Denture?

While you know dentures as an artificial set of teeth you receive after having all of your own natural teeth pulled, a partial denture is a little less extreme. Since you’re only having a few teeth pulled, you won’t need a full denture, because you will still have some natural teeth in place. A partial denture is used to replace the teeth you lost so you can continue to eat and smile without losing the functionality those teeth provided.

How Are They Placed?

Partial dentures work much like full dentures. They are removable, consisting of false teeth attached to a base made of very durable plastic and resin. They either use clasps on a metal type of frame to attach to your teeth, or may use connectors that look a little more natural. There are also connection devices called “precision attachments” that are made specifically for attachment to your natural teeth, molded specifically for your mouth.

Partial dentures are relatively simple to keep in place, and will allow you to continue to eat and smile like you never had any teeth pulled. With a partial denture, you can remain confident in your smile whenever you have to have teeth pulled, because no one will even know you have a partial denture unless you tell them.