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God is so generous

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God is so generous. If you agree with the title of this blog and the first sentence grabbed your attention, then continue reading, and if you are in doubt, continue to read and you will learn how generous our God can be.

I would like to let you know that I do not ask God for much, but when I do send a prayer request it only consist of love, guidance, patience, and knowledge. My pastor once told us to be mindful of what you ask God, and I take his advise into consideration because I am aware that God does answer our prayers, and he responds in such a unique way.

Earlier this summer, on June 9th to be exact, which is birthday, I decided to celebrate my birthday by having a balloon release. This balloon release was a prayer to God to touch everyone’s’ heart and allow them to love their lives. I did not want anything for my birthday because God has answered so many of my prayers; however, God had touched my heart that day as well , and he took me on adventures that allowed me to touch more hearts in different parts of the world.

Now that I am back at home in Saint Louis, God’s blessings have not stopped. I recently prayed to share my gifts of knowledge. On the first day back to work I was promoted as a Fourth and Fifth Grade Spanish Teacher, and then I received a job offer to teach at a local university, but God still was not finished…I was later offered more ways to share my gifts.

At first, I felt overwhelmed, but then I thought, this is what I prayed for, and this is what God wants me to do. When people ask me why I give myself such a huge work load, I simply reply and state that God is answering my prayers. I believe that God does not give us tasks that are impossible. I also believe that God knows of our strength.

I hope that this blog has inspired you to accept all of God’s blessing because you may be blessing that the world needs. Also, do not think much in the quantity of your blessings, but know that our  God is so generous.