Falling in love with life!

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I recently wrote that I promote positivity and motivation on all of my social media networks. I have also addressed my passion for traveling, and my hunger to live up to my full potential. Sometimes it is difficult to do these task when there is so much negativity and sadness around us. Also, it can be difficult if one does not have someone to lend on or look up to. It seems like the harder we try,the harder the task becomes. However, I have learned a valuable lesson that I would like to share with you all. I have learn how to love my life. I know that the previous statement was probably odd or maybe confusing, but think about it. Take a moment and reflect on you’re life. I am pretty sure that the first thing you thought about are the people in your life. If that is true, it shows that you already have a huge heart, and that you put others before yourself. Now think about all of the the good and bad things that are in your life. If there are more bad things, do task to make them better, and for the good things in you life, make them feel loved. I had never thought about how grateful I am to have my life and to be able to have a good life, until individuals randomly came to me and ask me why I smiled all the time, and why I was always happy.

From that moment, I realized that I was satisfied and in love with my life, so I wanted to share my love.I tell everyone in my family how much I love them everyday, and I surround myself with positive and beautiful individuals, which makes me view the world in a positive and beautiful way. I wake up every day with so much love in my heart, even when negative factors try to put me down. I think that love is an important blessing, and so are our lives. Therefore we must love ourselves and love others, in order to receive the love that life has to offer.