Do you have an audience?

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Close your eyes, imagine that you are on a stage in front of a large crowd of people. What would you say? Would you address your daily lifestyle?

I would like you to take the moment to think about your daily lifestyle, and question yourself why do you do these task every day?For some of us we take on these task because we are providers for loved ones and it is part of our culture. We have been taught to get an education, love, share, be responsible, go to church, and to take care of ourselves. What about the individuals who are not the providers, or whose culture differs from our culture? Are they taking on these jobs duties because it is it also part of their norm, or do we all have an audience who is admiring everything that we do, therefore we must do something everyday?

Even though the majority of my life I have been very quiet and did not think much about what others thought about me; I knew I had an audience. I feel that there are individuals who do and those who need to be inspired to become doers. I recently stated before that I come from a community where there are not many doers or leaders. Therefore there are many individuals who are accustomed to not doing much. However, due to this norm I decided that I wanted to be different and to create a new trend in my community. I decided to take on challenges that my community did not know about, feared, or thought that “we” were incapable of doing. Although at that young age I did not get the response that I wanted,  I now realized how my act to want more in life has not only collected more people in my audience, but it has given me the strength to break down all barriers, fight statistics and grow.

In the beginning I wanted an audience to make a difference in my society, but now I realize how my audience has changed me. I also realized that everyone may not get the message that I want to convey, but it will help many.