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Dear Black Women

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Dear Black Women,

 Have you taken the time to reflect on your strength, and acknowledge the impact you have on individuals around you? Have you taken the time to get to know yourself? I  have decided to write this post for African American/Black women because the message I will deliver in this blog entry helped me, and I believed that it will help all women, and especially black women. I recently came back from my summer vacation and I spent two months in three different states, two different countries, and a few islands. I will always remember this summer vacation because I faced some fears, took on multiple challenges, and learned the importance of being a black woman. How many of us have taken a month or even a day to do something that we truly love or wish to do? I know that we think that some of our personal responsibilities may limit our ability to take on such adventures, but how long will we allow our limits to control our lives. Some may say that because I am a single black woman with no children, and have financial support, so I am able to take on my adventures; however, this is my point, why do we focus more on the factors that we think allow us to do something, instead of just doing it. Think about it because if you really wanted to do something, you do it right? So why do we not use this same dedication for our dreams? Where I come from a lot of women do not think like this, it is not conveyed enough in the media, and our younger generation began to think that our dreams and lives are limited. I grew up thinking that there was a limitation to my own life.I thought that black women had limits. I watched my mom and aunts linger and just wait for their time to accomplish their goals and desires. They did not accomplish their goals because instead of thinking about themselves they helped their family members and others to pursue their dream. However, they did wish to one day grant their own dreams, but it just remained as wish. Therefore I decided to take in their notions to not just wish, but to do.  Every day we hear the saying that black women are so strong, and indeed we are, but I think that we should also use our strength to support ourselves at times.

I realized how much I  used my strength to support myself during my recent summer vacation. The first month of my summer vacation I worked as an Assistant Director, and I lived in a small town where there was a limited amount of black women. At times, I was the only black woman in the area that I lived and work in. I remember walking in town and witnessing how everyone always glanced at me and always wanted to start up conversations. My coworkers and employees found it to be quite interesting that everyone wanted to talk to me and learn more about my life story. The conversation that I had with everyone continues to trigger in my mind because not only were the townspeople intrigued my story, but everyone who I had encountered in travels  were inspired by me. They had never heard of a story like mine. It was interesting to me because I thought that my story was similar to many black women trying to better themselves.

Although it was different living in an environment where there were not many women that looked like me, I felt that it was my duty to demonstrate to this town and even the world the striving strength of a black woman. I woke up every day knowing that everything I did or said impacted someone, but this was typical in my “everyday life” back at home, but for some reason it felt different. For the first time in my life not only was my appearance intriguing, but so was my “ordinary life” story. I had a woman of the age of 63 years old tell me that I inspired her. I had so many women tell me how young, yet mature and adventurous I am and that my way of living persuaded them. I am not a modest person, and I do not advertise my life as much,so I did not know how to take these compliments, but as I traveled I continued to share my story more, and I noticed that everyone began to say the same thing, which motivated me to always share my story.

I think that the most valuable lesson that I learned from this vacation is that I was able to use my strength to help myself and others, and I created a new perspective about the lives of black women.  The black woman has always been left in the background, yet we are honored for our strength of overcoming so much hardship for others. I think that if we used our divine strength within ourselves we would soar even more. I loved that our First Lady, Michelle Obama always talks about her life story and her want to aid others, but she also emphasizes the importance of being a unique black woman and supporting herself. I am so honored to be a black woman because one thing that I love about myself is that my heart is as rich as my skin.
I hope that is this blog has not just allowed you to think about the color of your skin, but that is allows you to define your strength and tell to the world about your story, so that your dream is not just a wish, but it’s an accomplished goal that will impact everyone. Live, Travel, and be a Queen!