Challenge Me

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Have you ever woke up smiling, feeling extremely blessed? When you got prepared for the day it felt as if you were wearing a halo, because you could pass through negative obstacles, and your sunshine reflected on others. You felt an abundance of happiness and felt successful, but then you began to question yourself, what’s next? Do you ever feel like you are too comfortable with your lifestyle and would like to do more?

There are a lot people who do not push themselves to do more than what they think they are capable of doing. However, I think that we should do more by challenging ourselves. I think some people, especially young adults, have a lot of fear and not enough self-confidence to take on challenges. We question and belittle ourselves too much, without even trying…

Last year, I told myself that I would challenge myself. I remember watching many trends on social media that persuaded people to take on challenges. The challenges that were presented on these social media outlets were funny and did not require much effort. I decide to create a challenge that involved effort. A challenge that will allow me to use all of my gifts, believe in myself, and to go beyond my so called boundaries.

I challenge you to challenge yourself.