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I’ve never been that “black individual” who was quick to call someone racist, or urge for justice. See I grow up knowing that this is what individuals expected from “people like me”, so I tried my best to defeat these statistics and not let unfairness and hatred stop me from being great. I did everything that everyone thought I could not do. I thought that it I did these things then there wouldn’t be any injustice.

I also took my ancestors’ life stories in mind, especially, Sojourner Truth, who was so brave and strong that she did not let anything or anyone make her feel unequal. During her time, there was slavery and the world did not view blacks, especially black women as equal citizens, yet Sojourner made the world view her and all women as equal, in her famous speech “Ain’t I a Woman”.

So I decided to do exactly what she did, I would make the world view me as equal; instead of making my point in a speech, I will do it in my appearance, at my job, within my community, and everywhere I traveled. See I did not want to make “too much noise”, instead I wanted to make my point. Every where I went people were curious of my nationality, and would make comment like, “I had never met a black woman like you before”. I thought this was very strange and rude. As I got older, learned new task, traveled the world, and gain more exposure…things began to change.

I found myself in higher job positions than people who were twice my age, I started earning a great income, traveling, and learning to love myself more and more. I received so much support from so many people, and also encountered “unusual acts”from people from different nationalities. People yelled and screamed at me for making small mistakes, but they did not do the same to others from nationalities that differ from mine. I had people asking me why I wanted to succeed so much, (huh?) and I had people who did whatever to make me fail. I never allowed these people to make me upset, instead, I would smile and pray for them, and even offer to help them. I noticed that when I offered to help, it made them more upset. When I would go home, I would then reflect and cry. I did not understand what was going on. I noticed that in all of these situations I was the only “black person”… Like I stated before I did not want to think that professional and educated people who shared the same passion, vision, could be responsible for the thoughts that were coming to my mind…but think about it..

Why would someone act different towards you when you are not doing anything wrong?
Why would someone dislike you when you are willing to help them to overcome what ever issues they have?
I am not here to make myself seem like an “innocent victim”, but there comes a time when one has to question why? If we don’t question and reflect on these issues most of the times negative acts takes place. We then find ourselves and others taking on horrid acts towards others all because of a misunderstanding or curiosity.
I hope that this blog has inspired you to reflect on your actions towards others whose backgrounds differs from yours, and learn to truly support each other?

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If someone was to ask you to name things that you would like to have, how would you respond? Will your response be specific and clear enough for someone to quickly obtain what you want? If your answer was yes, ask yourself is it worth having and will it last. Note, that I am not applying that things will last forever; however, everything worth having takes time, patience, and you must know what you want.

I would like you to spend this week being specific about what you want in life. Write down five goals that you would like to have in the next few months or so. Now, let’s not get carried away and state they we want to become rich. Ha! Be honest and be specific. For example, someone might write that they want to travel, find a better job, no longer be single, lost weight, ex… These are not specific goals. If you want to travel, be specific and figure out where you want to travel. This information will help with figuring out cost and other expenses that you can think about. If you wrote down you want to find a better job, define better or what will make the job better.It is very important to be specific so that you are clear with yourself about what you need. Anyone can write down his/her goals and hope that they will all be granted, but a determined individual will specifically write down what he/she would like to have in order to get what he/she really needs.

I hope that this post has inspired you to be specific and exact about what you want in life.

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Hello everyone,
I have decided to take Donald Trump’s advice and create a ban. Wait a second, I am not talking about something that is legally prohibited, or stopping individuals from entering into a different country. I am talking about prohibiting myself of thinking of negative thoughts, and not believing in myself. Nowadays, it seems like everyone it stopping others from achieving greatness.It has become so contagious that we become to give up on ourselves. Some of us have allowed the troublesome in the world to have a huge negative impact on our lives. Therefore it is time to create a better and greater you and me.
So let’s begin creating bans.
B- Branding. Let’s start with branding. List all of your talents, choose one or two that you see yourself doing almost everyday. Once you have made your decision, start branding. Let the world know of your talent.
A-Aspire. Now with your talent decide how it will allow you to reach your dream. It is important that you already wrote down your dreams and goals.
N- Networking. It is time to network and link up with individuals who share the same interest. Although there are so many of us who think that we can pursue our goals alone, I would not agree with this thought. It is very difficult and stressful trying to do everything on your own. Trust me, I have tried to do and I failed. I am not stating that it is impossible, yet it time consuming and we not allow you to soar at the speed and rate that you desire.
S- Succeed. Now it time to attempt to succeed in everything that you do. Note that you will face multiple challenges that will make you want to give up, but remember to never give up and succeed.
Are you ready to make bans?

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