The Stages of Drug Rehab

Have you been thinking about doing what you can to encourage someone you know who has a drug addiction problem to seek help? Choosing rehabilitation is the first step for any addict to begin their journey back to cleanliness, and having someone who cares about them on their side is going to be a great motivator to stay clean.

What can your addicted friend or loved one expect when they get to their drug rehab kirkland facility? There are a few “stages” that your loved one will go through in rehab, and each of these stages gets them one step closer to detoxing.

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Stage 1: Creating a Care Plan Just For Your Loved One

The first thing that will happen during the check-in process for your loved one will be getting to know them, their story, and coming up with a custom care plan just for them. During admission, your loved one will be asked questions about their addiction and the things they’ve been through. This is a necessary part of figuring out which course of care will be the best option for your addicted loved one.

Stage 2: Beginning Withdrawal and Detox

For your loved one who is dealing with addiction to properly detox, they are going to have to undergo withdrawals. This is not a fun process for them, as they have to spend a few days depriving their body of the very things it has become so dependent on, but it is absolutely necessary to getting every last bit of a substance out of an addict’s body.

Stage 3: Create a Long Term Plan

Next, your loved one will talk to a counselor about their long-term plans after rehab. They’ll discuss their plans for when they get out, and what they envision themselves doing in their mission to stay sober. This will help them mentally set the stage for their new, sober life.

Stage 4: Aftercare and Staying Clean

Finally, your loved one will be ready for discharge. You can be there to give them a listening ear and someone they can come to at any time. This is a great way to let them know you’re here for them, and with your help, they can find better alternatives to their old vices, and live a new, clean life after rehab.