Be specific…What do you want?

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If someone was to ask you to name things that you would like to have, how would you respond? Will your response be specific and clear enough for someone to quickly obtain what you want? If your answer was yes, ask yourself is it worth having and will it last. Note, that I am not applying that things will last forever; however, everything worth having takes time, patience, and you must know what you want.

I would like you to spend this week being specific about what you want in life. Write down five goals that you would like to have in the next few months or so. Now, let’s not get carried away and state they we want to become rich. Ha! Be honest and be specific. For example, someone might write that they want to travel, find a better job, no longer be single, lost weight, ex… These are not specific goals. If you want to travel, be specific and figure out where you want to travel. This information will help with figuring out cost and other expenses that you can think about. If you wrote down you want to find a better job, define better or what will make the job better.It is very important to be specific so that you are clear with yourself about what you need. Anyone can write down his/her goals and hope that they will all be granted, but a determined individual will specifically write down what he/she would like to have in order to get what he/she really needs.

I hope that this post has inspired you to be specific and exact about what you want in life.