Are you self-made?

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Take a few seconds to acknowledge yourself. Remember, I said a few seconds. If it took too long to think of just one word that defines you and your value, you are not appreciating yourself. You are not allowing yourself to grow and most importantly you do not believe in yourself.

Now if you are still listing so many wonderful things that defines you, keep praising yourself, but let’s define exactly what you are praising. When you were defining yourself were you focusing more on the outer appearance or inner appearance? Let’s be real. Go ahead in stand in front of the mirror and acknowledge yourself. How many of us are looking at the bangs underneath our eyes, or wondering where the heck did this pimple come from? Some of us were probably thinking that man, I did not accomplish anything this week and I am going to start all over again on Monday morning.

Now, it’s typical to think or say these thing about ourselves, but let’s try something new. I want you to look in the mirror and try to look into your inner self; look for the passion and spirit that makes you unique. Don’t think about different factors that you think will make you better; yet think about how you are better. How are you self-made ? What is something that no one can take from you; something that does not have a price on it?

Are you self-made?